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E-Book Application

With our E-Book Engine, we can create iPhone/iPad books at an incredible pace. Our iPhone/iPad E-Book app is support multiple formats such as PDF, HTML5, images and EPUB standard. Your iPhone/iPad E-Book app will be ready within a speed of light, with features for all possible customizations. A highly-sophisticated tool, E-Book Engine allows you to customize many parts of your to-be iPhone/iPad E-Book, including options for table of contents, smart auto-bookmarking, share with Facebook and much more to come.

E-Magazine Solutions 

Techcon's E-Magazine Engine is designed specially for Apple iPad. Applications development is similar to iPhone, but the major difference in iPad apps will be the utilization of a big screen which allow us to deploy more features on it. E-Magazine app is support multiple formats such as PDF, HTML5, images and EPUB standard. And also support the multimedia integration both local video and audio or streaming formats. E-Magazine app support In-App purchase to download a new magazine to its storefront. 


E-Catalog Application

Create your product catalog, image gallery or portfolio easily and publish to Apple AppStore. E-Catalog give your business visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into your customers’ pockets and purses. Your customers don’t have to log into their computers and search the Internet to find you. With an App, they’ll have all your information in the palm of their hand. You can add one-touch calling, street directions to your business, inventory searches, appointment requests, and more.



mobile streaming

Social Network Solutions

Our Social Network Application will have the connectivity with Joomla Social Network Engine, JomSocial, component which is being widely used for the community purpose. In order to use the application, site administrator just needs to add our special plugin to their current Joomla and take the application built from us and upload to app store. All the users of your site will be able to download the application and take the best out of it. They can get the activities streaming, photo & video gallery, members status and much more.

E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Websites that already utilized the very popular VirtueMart component for Joomla are able to integrate with our E-Commerce application for iPhone/iPad devices. Once you update the product and price on your Web store, they can see the updated product and price on their iPhone/iPad immediately. The customer can buy the product and make a payment. You can provide payment option via cash transfer, PayPal or Apple In-App purchase.You can sell both digital and physical goods.

Streaming Solutions

You've got valuable audio or video content to monetize, or want to use streaming media to connect people. You want to reach the millions of potential customers out there on mobile devices and in the living rooms. What you need is a streaming media server that supports more than one protocol or one type of client. You need our industrial strength mobile applications that will let your imagination loose. You need a multi-protocol, performance, reliability, and support. And you need it at an affordable price.



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Techcon Cybernet established in 2007 and located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Company's principal activities are responsive Web design and hosting, e-commerce/ e-business consultation, mobile application development (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone), multimedia production, 2D & 3D animation production, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization. Know us more

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