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About Techcon Cybernet



With a concept driven mix of creativity and technology we help companies fine tune their brand and communication by carefully planning and executing each move.

Techcon Cybernet is an up to date company that creates interactive or print campaigns, application designs, responsive web design and mobile interfaces or industrial projects. Being passionate about experimenting with new ideas helps us break barriers when it comes to our imagination and work. We believe in story telling with emphasis on the brand value proposition, in the quality of the design and helpfulness of the technology, in things build to last and to have influence on people lives.




Research and discovery activity focused on wireframing, story boards, and information architecture: an open window to the purpose of your project.


Advertising Campaigns

Advertising at its best: classic and new media, print, TV, landing pages, and microsites. We get the purpose of the advertising back where it belongs, bringing the expected results.


Ideas & Concepts

Promotion ideas, brainstorming, storyboards, copy: parts of an integrated communication tool that helps the value of the product to break out and reach the market and its core.


Branding & Positioning

Full identity packages, logos, brand rules, corporate materials, marketing collateral and other elements: the purpose is to provide you with the visibility your brand needs.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Icons, reports, magazines, catalogs, and layouts are all parts of graphic design and are all determined by its laws. Use graphic design in all its forms to shape the perfect combination between look and efficiency.



Starting from pen and paper all the way to the digital vectors, and from artistic purposes down to informational graphics, we enhance the experience by providing visual representations to associated content.


Web & Mobile App Design

The usability interface between human and computers is a dialogue in which both parts need to participate. From online banking, iPhone, tablets to purely web apps, everyone needs to be able to interact.



From classic to innovative ways of product packaging, we deliver the best coat for the harshest weather. We know that what you wear can either bring your products in line or set them back. And the second option is no option at all.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

A fusion between art and science, the goal of the industrial design is to combine the love for design with everyone's need for a better environment.

Post Production

Post Production 

We do editing processes of retouching and adding special effects to photos and videos, because sometimes you are looking for things that you cannot find in real life.


Interactive Presentations

Flash, video, DVD and many others meant to get the attention wanted, because interaction sometimes makes things look more appealing.




All About the Lion

The lion has been an icon for humanity, strong but noble, royalty and stateliness, as well as the symbol of bravery.



About Techcon Cybernet


Techcon Cybernet established in 2007 and located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Company's principal activities are responsive Web design and hosting, e-commerce/ e-business consultation, mobile application development (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone), multimedia production, 2D & 3D animation production, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization. Know us more

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